‘Meile der Demokratie’ January 18th 2014

Save the date!

On January 18th, there will be Nazis roaming the streets of Magdeburg again. They want to demonstrate in “remembrance” of the bombardment of Magdeburg in January 1945.

But we’re making our stand against Nazis! We want to show that there is absolutely no place for Nazis in Magdeburg.The 18th of January will be a day full of creative, peaceful activities and demonstrations. There will be the ‘Meile der Demokratie’, the sixth one since 2009. This year there is an innovative addition to the Mile of Democracy: Several ‘Meilensteine’ (milestones) throughout the whole city. This means that there will be all kinds of different events and activities at many places in Magdeburg. For example at Bahnhof Neustadt, Uniplatz or Buckau.

If the city is full of colourful, peaceful and interesting activities, demonstrations and open-minded people, there will be no more room for any Nazis! We should all aim for that. The RIA will be present at the ‘Meile der Demokratie’ on Breiter Weg.

In addition, we will offer a Pick-Up Service to guide everyone safely from Campus to the Meile.

Pick Up Service