Football for Tolerance

Football for Tolerance – a beautiful day where we set a sign for more tolerance at the university and the city of Magdeburg!

The international football competition organised by the Departement for International Affairs wanted to join in students with different nationalities, promote tolerance, spread the fun of the game and also collect donations for the project “Beginn Nebenan” of the Integration Aid Sachsen-Anhalt. Beginn Nebenan tries to help asylum seekers to integrate in a new society by searching for mentors.

With lots of sunshine, barbecue and drinks the best conditions were set for a great day. 14 teams, whose players originate all over the world, joined the competition. National teams as well as wildly mixed teams advanced to the K.O.-phase of the tournament. In the finals the Ukrainische Falken met with Backdad Brot, the latter winning the competition in an exciting last game, in which unfortunately the Ukrainian goalkeeper got hurt. FC Tiki Taka became third.

So the gold medal went to the multinational Backdad Brot – team. But also offside of the field the tournament was a complete success. A information stand by the Integration Aid team invited visitors to get to know more about their work and to leave donations. The income of the barbecue und drinks sales went to the project as well.

We want to thank all participants, the representatives of Beginn Nebenan, all volunteers and visitors. Congratulations for Backdad Brot, congratulations for everyone – it was a great day and we were able to wave a flag for tolerance.