We are currently focusing on the Buddy Program which is in full progress even before the semester starts, as the international students arrive in Magdeburg. For this term, so far we have about 100 matched “Buddy Teams”.

In the next weeks we will be planning our projects for the winter term, for example a Christmas Party. We will repeat some of last year’s successes but also introduce some new projects to you. So check the website frequently or follow us on Facebook to see what’s happening!


Here is a collection of our past projects

Meile der Demokratie 2014

Projektbild Meile 14

Advent Calendar 2013


Football for Tolerance 2013

Projektbild Football for Tolerance

Junge Meile der Demokratie 2013

Projektbild Junge Meile 13

International Day of Tolerance 2012

Projektbild Tag der Toleranz