Buddy Program

What is the Buddy Program?

The buddy program matches incoming international students with an experienced one, who then supports her or him  during the first steps in Magdeburg. Our buddies are volunteers who can give important advice when our international students need help, they show them around and are a first contact in Magdeburg.

Buddies help in different areas, depending on the needs of the Internationals:

  • Finding accommodation
  • Health insurance
  • Citizens Office
  • Opening a Bank Account
  • Enrolment
  • Foreigners Office
  • Everyday life at OvGU


Our Buddy program was designed to:

  • ease the access to OvGU for the foreign students,
  • help during the settling down in Magdeburg,
  • encourage diversity at the OvGU through intercultural friendship and contact,
  • improve integration of foreign students,
  • sensitize the student body for interculturality and diversity.



Are you an international student coming to Magdeburg? Would you like to have another experienced student by your side who can help you when you have important questions or just a first contact in Germany? If yes, you can can register here to be matched with a buddy.

We will try to match you with someone who has as much with you in comon as possible. Therefore we ask you about your course, hobbies and language skills when you register. You can also make some wishes for your buddy – please note that we can not fulfill every single one!

Further infos, tips and important links and addresses can be found in our Buddy-Guide handbook that you can download here.


We are Buddies!

… taking part in the Buddy Programme means:

  • Getting to know people from all over the world
  • Experiencing an exchange of knowledge and culture
  • To give and to receive help, to promote and support solidarity at the University
  • Opening the OvGU and Magdeburg for foreign people from all over the globe

Are you interested? If you have any further questions about the Buddy Program, feel free to contact us at international@stura-md.de.